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Third Chapel Arts Annual Writing Competition a Blog

Posted on Thu 12th Apr 2018 @ 16:01. Contact: Jean Cooper for more information

Third Chapel Arts Annual Writing Competition

Congratulations to Stephanie Billen, the winner of the Third Chapel Arts Annual Writing Competition. The theme for our competion was “Invisible Friends” and Stephanie has kindly given us permission to reproduce her entry here, on our blog. Thank you Stephanie.

There are photos Stephanie receiving her Award in the Gallery under Literary Arts.

Invisible Friends

Helmut and his Alsatian storm through technicolour German woodland. Ocean_Dreamster buries her toes in the sand taking picture after picture of the Florida coastline with its streaky sunsets and lonely heron. Makisumi Crafts hones centuries of Japanese tradition. Mister Hangman dips his brush in blood.

And I upload my paintings in groups of three.

Crocodile-Dundee has fallen in love with a bearded dragon with a lazy eye. PediCure draws the underside of his foot. Richandkitsch has assembled seven plastic pandas in height order. Celebrity.cook has backlit seven poached pears. Pedro_el_perro is cavorting with his fellow beagles on a Malaga beach. Turkey-to-go offers a glass of wine on a hotel terrace overlooking a panoramic vista of Cappadocian rock formations.

I have uploaded nothing today. I keep staring at the canvas.

Ocean_Dreamster gives a tour of The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in 40 photographs. MicrolabSW is swimming in an intricate, seaweed-sprawling assemblage of polyelectrolyte-capped gold nanoparticles. Makisumi Crafts folds 1000 paper cranes for a wedding. Mister Hangman blurs his mustard-coloured still life of thistles. Richandkitsch finds two mustard-coloured teddies having tea.

Three more go up. Six likes. I smile despite myself.

Turkey-to-go posts Hagia Sophia Museum with Byzantine towers like rockets reaching up to a red and pink sky. Crocodile-Dundee meets a kangaroo on his way home from the office. Helmut and his Alsatian are on the road underneath a brooding Leipzig sky. Luccadeluxe has put a box on her head and is posing beside a Cubist nude in a dimly-lit Iranian art gallery. Pedro_el_perro is inside a jumbo cereal packet.

The lump feels bigger today. She said it could be a cyst.

Makisumi Crafts creates a Japanese thread ball in gold and silver. Ocean_Dreamster draws her fingers through the soft fur of a cat luxuriating in the sun beside an overgrown cactus in the garden of The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum - it takes 14 pictures and a video to express its full beauty. Mister Hangman finds beauty in the rotten flesh of a fallen peach. Crocodile-Dundee is having a beer.

I shouldn’t drink so much wine. It could be a factor.

MicrolabSW’s Lucinda is synthesizing functional microgel in a test-tube. Richandkitsch has made a three-tiered, multi-coloured jelly. Luccadeluxe is pasty white with a gash of red from her face to her toes against a wall of red and white zigzags. Turkey-to-go takes a balloon flight over the caves and rock-face churches of Cappadocia. Celebrity.cook takes an aerial shot of his pistachio shortbread with rose petals.

Three more paintings, wintry landscapes. This is what I will leave behind.

PediCure lovingly shades in the part where the big toe makes a valley with the next. Helmut can see his Alsatian reflected in a puddle. CarynCreative is back online with a new exhibition in Miami. Mister Hangman magnifies the frightened gaze of a small boy in a dark corner. Crocodile-Dundee is eyeballing an emu. Makisumi Crafts has a string art show in Tokyo. Richandkitsch is talking to Plastic_fantastic about a joint exhibition of toys from 1970s’ cereal packets.   

I am under the duvet. I will know on Monday. I must keep myself distracted.

CarynCreative has been interviewed for the Miami Herald. MicrolabSW’s image of supramolecular polymer vesicles looks like a giant sun. Celebrity.cook is making sunny-side-up eggs with shredded beetroot. Mister Hangman has painted a noose hanging from a bridge. Makisumi Crafts has made pendants from traditional string artworks. Turkey-to-go is praying to the Virgin Mary at the Sumela Monastery with its glittering cliff-face frescoes. Ocean_Dreamster is sitting in deep shade under a turtle-shaped cliff on Hutchinson Island. Pedro_el_perro is under his mistress’s duvet. Helmut’s Alsatian is resting his chin on Helmut’s black BMW motorbike. Nica-Svetlana, the Russian baby, pops up with multi-coloured hand prints. Swipe right for her footprints. PediCure is drawing the creases on the soles of his feet. Ocean_Dreamster is tracking an actual turtle. 21 images follow its progress to the sea. Richandkitsch has cut out and dressed three paper dolls from a 1968 Twinkle annual. Turkey-to-go offers lamb dumplings like three little parcels. Celebrity.cook has charred his beetroot stalks with lemon and parmesan. Ocean_Dreamster takes 42 pictures of pebbles. Mister Hangman has had an occult ram’s head tattoo. CarynCreative says Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment Take the Moment and Make it Perfect. Crocodile-Dundee says Make That Another Tinnie #NewSouthAles. Richandkitsch has started an A-Z of knitted animals.  Luccadeluxe presents a time-lapse video of herself being painted gold. Ocean_Dreamster likes 48 of my paintings. The Makisumi Crafts team is suddenly on the streets having a party with drumming, bells and incense.

It is a cyst! I post two paintings and an inspirational message for all my invisible friends out there. I don’t know what I would do without you.

I unfollow Mister Hangman.